Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Air Water Quality

Clean Air

Websites with data for your area: and

Air Quality Monitors

Commercial air quality monitors cost around $100 and up.

We created a kit that you can easily put together that cost around $60.

It uses the popular Arduino microcontroller, small display and a sensor that

measures various gases that impact air quality. It provides a measurement of these

air pollutants in parts per million (PPM).

Websites with data for your area: and

Clean Water

An essential need is for clean water. This is a universal need all over the world and its becoming more and more critical.

To get involve and make a difference, we can start by testing the water we drink and report it to a world database for tracking.

EarthEcho  with its “Water Challenge”, is an international organization that is gathering water quality information from around the world and selling relatively inexpensive kits for individual can do their own water testing.

Here is a good article about the EarthEcho program:

You can look for other interesting projects on SciStarter 


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