Our Robot Kit

Orion Robot Kit

Our Orion robot kit includes all the parts listed, detailed assembly instructions with pictures, our code for several robot functions and our technical eBook, “Fun Robotics With Arduino, Raspberry Pi . We also provide extensive support online, on our Forum, email or phone. Money back guarantee for your successful build and satisfaction.

Our Orion Robot kit has the following parts:

    1.  Arduino Uno clone

    2. Car chassis with two motorized wheels, a caster wheel and battery compartment

     3. Motor Controller

     4. One servo motor

     5. One Sensor Interface shield

     6. Ultrasound Sensor and mount

     7. Craft foam sheet to make the robot face

     8. Orion Robot Kit Detailed Assembly Instructions

     9. “Robotics Fun With Arduino Raspberry Pi & Artificial Intelligence” ebook

  10.  Access to Arduino code for modes described below.

Orion Robot Modes
  • Orion Robot Intruder Detector
  • Orion Wandering Robot Mode
  • Orion Robot Motor Test


Orion Robot Kit (Purchase here)


Download for Windows 10

Arduino Uno Windows 10 Driver CH341S64.SYS