Bridgeway Technology

(subsidiary of Bridgeway Associates Inc.) 

Have fun learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) or STEAM (Arts added).

We use robotics to make learning STEM and STEAM interesting with fun learning programs for Pre-K to adult

See our Introduction to Robotics Presentation:

  Introduction To Robotics Presentation

Robotics AI Benefits, Technology & Art

Robot Construction

We started Bridgeway Technology Inc. (BridgewayTech.org),  a non-profit to more easily reach the communities who need us the most.

We plan on offering robotic lessons locally in our communities.

We use the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino Uno microcontroller board.

This short video is from our newest project, building a Raspberry Pi, 5 ft. robot. This will be the robot’s base made from an old computer server case.

Raspberry Pi Robot

Our prototype Raspberry Pi  3 Robot

Above is our prototype Raspberry Pi  3 robot, having object avoidance behavior for a basic robot to build on. No need for a computer since the Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that uses HDMI interface to a monitor, TV, USB ports to add a keyboard and mouse, with built-in WiFi.

Requires a mini-SD memory card with the Raspberry Pi Operating System, based on LINUX. Robot uses the Python, computer language a popular computer language, but others can be used since this is a full function computer with a huge community of support and activities. You can also use the Raspberry Pi computer to learn game programming with the popular Minecraft game. (more detail on our Raspberry Pi section)

Alien Robot

Our “Alien” robot using the Arduino microcontroller (shown below). This robot avoids objects and wanders around a room.

Mod of the robot “RECON 6.0 Programmable Robot” adding Arduino Uno motor control and BlueTooth for phone control.

For more details on how to mod this rover see the “Tutorials” section in the menu above.

Robot Arm Mod

The robotic arm shown above was built from a kit with a wired controller, controlling it with switches. The controller was replaced with an Arduino microcontroller making it robotic, that is, its movements programmed so it will move automatically.

We wish to reach all ages, cultures and socio-economic groups with a relatively inexpensive, fun way to learn about science, computers, programming, electronics, engineering and art. Our tutorials will be a fun way to learn about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Art, Mathematics). To keep cost low we use the Arduino family of microcontrollers.

Our design is more true to real world, robotics, computer programming and electronics since we are not using Lego like parts, Lego programming language or similar. The Lego like robotics, in order to make connecting things simpler, hide the details of the electronics limiting the understanding of how robotic devices work.

We are also working on a companion book soon to be available.