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“Our goal is to promote STEM/STEAM learning making it fun using robotics and art with inexpensive, capable, state-of-the-art components accessible to all socio-economic groups.”

  Our Robotic Bird in development

Our robotic birds will be made of recyclable parts and Ardunio based. Plan to make them interactive with each other and the observers.


We have coded all the various elements of our design separately to simplify code development and testing. For first version, the functions will be, LCD display, Servo Motors for head and wing movements, interactive chirping, that is when a bird chirps the others responds.


We have combined and have the LCD display and servo motors code working. We need to add the hardware, that is the servo motors and then add the interactive chirping function.


Above image is our robot bird prototype. Paper wings will be replaced with recyclable plastic. More testing and decorating is needed. 

Our Air Quality Monitor kit. See the Air Water Quality tab for details.

We can monitor how the fires in the West are affecting our air quality on the East Coast, providing more evidence for the need to address the global climate crisis.


Our car robot

  Robot “L2” 

This is our large robot, about 4 ft. tall, that talks, has claws to pick things up and moves on its 4 wheeled platform. It is made with recycled metal and uses the Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno.