Sat. Sep 18th, 2021


Our Orion Robot Kit is now available again as well as a new way, more affordable way to get started having fun with robotics. See “Our Robot Kit” section and get started for as little as $25 !

“Our goal is to promote STEM/STEAM learning making it fun using robotics and art with inexpensive, capable, state-of-the-art components accessible to all socio-economic groups.”

Select our Robotics Presentation (link below) for an informative introduction:

Presentation:  Introduction To Robotics

Our robot bird, made of recycled cell phone, plastic, etc., reacting to movement.

  Our Robot Bird in development, testing the image animation.

Our Air Quality Monitor kit. See the Air Water Quality tab for details.

We can monitor how the fires in the West are affecting our air quality on the East Coast, providing more evidence for the need to address the global climate crisis.


  Robot “L2” 

This is our large robot, made to demonstrate how techniques and the microcontrollers, computers used in our tutorials can be utilize even on big projects. Robot L2 is about 4 ft. tall, it talks, has claws to pick things up and moves on its 4 wheeled platform. It is made with recycled metal and uses the Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno.


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