Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the newest version with quad core 1.2GHz Broadcom 64-bit CPU, built in wireless LAN and blue tooth, with 4 USB 2 ports.

See RaspberryPi.org for more details.

You’ll need (not included):

  • Micro SD card with NOOBS, the Raspberry Pi OS– NOOBS can be downloaded for free.
  • MicroUSB power supply (2.1 A)

And to use it as a desktop computer:

  • TV or monitor and HDMI cable
  • Keyboard and mouse – It also works with a wireless keyboard

Initial Installation

1. Download from www.raspberrypi.org:

    NOOBS, the Raspberry Pi Operating System

2. Unzip NOOBS zip file

3. Using an SD card reader, attach SD card to your computer

4. Copy NOOBS contents to the SD card

5. Put the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and connect to a screen

6. Power up the Raspberry Pi and wait for it to boot up.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen to load the Debian LINUX operating system.

8. Go to “Preferences”,”Raspberry Pi Configuration” to set up your location in “Localization” and

    services like Camera, SSH, Keyboard, and change the Pi in “Interfaces”


Use WPA2 security for your router. It will not work with less secure WEP

Click on WiFi red icon on upper right and enter the wifi network id and password

Raspberry Pi Robot  Our Raspberry Pi 3 robot prototype

Google Voice Kit  Google Voice Kit

Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Google Raspberry Pi kits. We recommend the latest Google Voice Kit shown above sold by Target.com, on-line. Amazon may sell a cheaper Google Voice Kit but it may be an older version without the Raspberry Pi and mini-SD card with the operating system. The newer kit sold by Target is easier to setup.

Here is an video showing the game, Minecraft with the Raspberry Pi. Fun way to learn game programming.  We will have more on this soon.

Raspberry Pi Page RaspberryPi.org for lots of fun projects and information.