Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Tutorials In Robotics

The tutorials will cover science, technology, art, engineering, mathematics (STEAM) topics in a fun, creative and interesting way using the relatively inexpensive Arduino microcontroller and the single board computer,  Raspberry Pi.

We will cover basic, electricity, some physics, engineering design, logical thinking, programming and computers for children of primarily school age to adult.

Everyone is invited to participate and have fun with us. This is not just for science fans but also can be seen as a creative process, allowing for artistic impression with the overall outward design as well as in the functionality of the robots being created.

Bridgeway Robotics Classes Videos 

Lesson 1: Presentation:  Introduction To Robotics

Lesson 2: Introduction To the Arduino Microcontroller

Lesson 3: Arduino Software Development

Lesson 4: DC Motors and H-Bridge

Our Robot Kit

We have a robot kit for sale, details on the “Our Robot Kit” tab, if you want to build a robot. You can see videos of the robot on the Home page.

You can take our robotic course and not purchasing the robot and can always buy it later if you prefer.

Instead of paying by Paypal, while the courses are going on, you can pay for the kit using Facebook, BridgewayTechOrg

Most of the course is generic and will not require the kit. You can also do some of the classes with just the Arduino Uno board.

Also you can  use any other Arduino kit but we have the most detail build instructions and have had it tested by other students.

We also provide expert support for our kits and have a money back guarantee. Return it to us if you don’t like it for any reason.

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